patricia everaert


Accounting education can make a difference

Patricia Everaert is Master of Science in Business Economics, doctor in Business Economics (Ghent University) and followed a specialization in Accountancy (Master program) at Vlerick Business School.

Prof. dr. Patricia Everaert obtained her PhD in Management Accounting at Ghent University. During her PhD, she was a visiting ICM-fellow at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, USA).

She is currently an Associate Professor at the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation. Her teaching domains are Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. Patricia Everaert has published in various international journals such as International Journal of Operations and Production Management; Issues in Accounting Education; Journal of Accounting Education; Accounting Education; Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal; International Journal of Logistics Management and Physical Distribution; ...

Furthermore, she is the co-author of several textbooks in the area of Financial Accounting and Management Accounting, e.g. Introduction to Financial Accounting (De Lembre, Everaert, Verhoeye); Advanced Financial Accounting (De Lembre, Everaert, Verhoeye).

One of her recent research interests is situated in the area of Accounting Education. More specificly, she investigates all sorts of innovations to motivate students for learning accounting and increasing their performance.