Dare to Game

Duga app
DUGA is ready for the UGent community

DUGA is a mobile and educational application, developed by the research group Accounting Education. It was one of the four winners of the Innoversity Challenge from Ghent University and is a hot topic within active learning.

In an attractive gaming app students compete against each other to gain points and badges by answering questions related to the study material. Each student has its own profile and plays the game, anywhere, anytime. By playing the educational game students are more involved with the learning material without additional effort for the instructors.

With the points and badges collected, the student has a place on the ‘Leaderboard’. The higher the total score of the student, the higher the place in the ranking. The diversity in questions and the direct feedback help the students in their learning process.

Playing DUGA is fun, engaging the mobile generation.

Questions or remarks? Mail to duga@ugent.be.

  • Innovation
    DUGA: Next step!

    DUGA: Next step! - 01/01/2021

    The DUGA application is currently being tested by several companies. Goal is to collect feedback about the front end and the back end.

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  • Visitekaartje DUGA
    DUGA is ready for the UGent community

    DUGA available for the entire UGent community! - 01/10/2018

    From idea to finished product: DUGA 1.0 is ready for launch! We are proud to announce that every professor and lecturer at UGent can use DUGA within his or her course as from Monday 1 October 2018.
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  • Duga voorstelling

    Innovation on your plate - 22/03/2018

    On March 22, 2018, we presented the educational app DUGA to a lot of interested colleagues from the faculty of economics and business administration, during a session 'innovation on your plate'.
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  • DUGA Broodje Martinnovatie
    Introducing DUGA

    Sandwich Martinnovation "DUGA – Dare to Game" - 14/12/2017

    Gamification is one of the four winners of the Innoversity Challenge.

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