• Design thinking one table
    Design thinking: A multi-actor perspective
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  • Design thinking class room

    Design Thinking: impact on creativity and problem solving skills

    Design thinking: impact on creativity and problem solving skills.

    Higher education institutions face the challenge of promoting in their curricula the skills demanded by labor markets in

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  • zoom

    And then there was COVID-19: Do benefits of cooperative learning disappear when switching to online education?

    COVID-19 turned the world of higher education upside down. From one day to the next, a radical shift from on-campus, face-to-face education to online education had to be made.

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  • digital module

    How to assist writing a paper?

    FAQ on writing a paper: What should I write, and where?  How should I write?

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  • Online testen

    Stimulating higher education students to use voluntary online exercises: the case of two mid-term take-home tests

    This study investigates whether two mid-term take-home tests are a successful tool to increase student use of online formative assessments (OFAs).

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  • gender equality

    Entrepreneurial intentions of business students: a matter of masculinity and femininity

    At universities and university colleges there are various courses that focus on stimulating entrepreneurial intentions and entrepreneurship, but how do students score on these variables?

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    Insights into accounting education in a COVID-19 world: the Belgium case

    On Friday 13 March 2020, COVID-19 entered our academic lives. From one day to another, we had to switch unprepared from traditional campus-education to online teaching.

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  • Choice between lecture-based learning and team learning

    Choice between lecture-based learning and team learning

    This study investigates the choice of students between lecture-based and team learning.

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