Choice between lecture-based learning and team learning


Everaert Patricia
Opdecam Evelien


Choice is making students happy

Choice between lecture-based learning and team learning

Opdecam, E. & Everaert, P. (2019). Choice-based learning: lecture-based or team learning? Accounting Education, 28(3), 239-273.

This study investigates the choice of students between lecture-based and team learning. A between-subjects quasi-experiment with a pre-test and a post-test design was administered in an advanced financial accounting course in a large unit of undergraduate students.  In the beginning of the semester, students had the choice between lecture-based learning (which is the common format of delivery) and team learning.  All students were allocated to their preferred learning approach and subsequently followed their preferred method of pedagogy. Data were investigated for several years, covering 2756 participants.

The results show that team learning has as positive effect on academic learning outcomes without providing a formal group rewards. The learning of students is higher in the team learning setting compared to the lecture-based learners in this course, while controlling for differences in gender, ability and academic year.

In addition, both student groups are satisfied with their selected learning paths, but students who selected team learning reported higher choice satisfaction. Also, choice-based learning provides job satisfaction for the instructors of both learning paths. These results re-energize the ongoing discussion on why and how to engage students in learning activities. Implications for student learning, faculty members, and institutional policies are also discussed in the paper.

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