Presentations - BAFA Accounting Education Special Interest Group Conference

The accounting education team will join the annual BAFA conference, as of May 19th until May 21st, 2021.

During this conference our team has the opportunity to present some of their recent research.

  • The effect of a voluntary mock exam on the performance of accounting: A study based on first-year undergraduates (Evelien Opdecam & Patricia Everaert)
  • Predicting first-year university outcomes using early warning signals from accounting education: A machine learning approach (Patricia Everaert, Evelien Opdecam & Hans van der Heijden)
  • Stimulating higer education students to use online formative assessments: the case of two mid-term take-home test (Eva Blondeel; Patricia Everaert & Evelien Opdecam)
  • Fostering Teamwork through Design Thinking: Evidence from a multi-actor perspective (Sharon Guaman-Quintanilla, Patricia Everaert,  Katherine Chiluiza & Martin Valcke)