DUGA Broodje Martinnovatie


Introducing DUGA

Sandwich Martinnovation "DUGA – Dare to Game"

Gamification is one of the four winners of the Innoversity Challenge.

It concerns a mobile application, named DUGA, where students compete against each other by answering questions about the learning material. The application enhances the involvement of the students in the course without overloading professors and personnel with additional work. Students play within one course but it is also possible to answer questions across different courses.

Players create a nickname and collect points and badges. The total scores are ranked on a leaderboard that is available for all DUGA players. In the game there are multiple types of questions, e.g. multiple choice, true/false, drag & drop, slider and outcome. After each round the player receives feedback on all questions.

During this seminar participants could experience the DUGA-app as one of the first players. Based on their feedback the app was further developed and new features were added such as to use DUGA in a classroom session.